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Mission of Central Statistical Organization
The Missions of Central Statistical Organization are as follow:
To promote wide and effective implementation of the new Myanmar Statistical Law, and to ensure implementation of the National Strategy for Development of Statistics (NSDS) in order to achieve reliable and timely compilation and dissemination of official statistics;
To coordinate with stakeholders in the implementations of official statistics and relevant yearly statistical process, short-term and long-term plans to establish National Statistical System;
To set the fundamental principles and standards for the statistical processes and to cooperate with the relevant departments in order to maintain those standards in their statistical process;
To analyze statistical process which are being performed by government departments, organizations and the private sector which are part of the in Myanmar National Statistical System to ensure thatthese statistics are collectedin accordance with standards;
To coordinate and cooperate with relevant statistical producers, users, and international organizations providing technical assistance related to statistical process to avoid errors in statistical results;
To cooperate with the organizations/clusters in Myanmar National Statistical System in accordance with standard statistics procedures to collect primary data and socio-economic surveys;
To serve as a secretariat for the Committee for Data Accuracy and Quality of Statistics;
To analyze and supervise project development, implementation plans and data dissemination of official statistics in National Statistical System;
To open regional offices under Central Statistical Organization in Regions, States, Districts, Townships in order to ensure the provision of accurate and qualified statistics and connect those offices with a Data Communication Network to facilitate data transmission;
To cooperate with all stakeholders in State and Regional and Union level governments as well as the Nay Pyi Taw Council for official statistics and other related statistical activities;
To cooperate with line ministries and organizations in disseminating statistical data as part of e-government initiatives (with the exception of confidential data) and through the media;
To develop a curriculum and provide training for the development of statistical techniques and expertise for official statisticians;
To conduct research and analysis of data produced by the National Statistical System and to monitor and evaluate (M&E) the quality of statistical data dissemination;
To undertake statistical development activities to meet emerging needs;
To use best practice statistical techniques and software and to build the capacity building of other statistical organizations to use them;
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