Transportation statistics is comprised of domestic public transport, road transport and merchant shipping. Domestic Public Transport describes freight ton-miles and passenger-miles for Government owned Railways, Road transport, Inland water transport and Airways.
Within domestic public transport, railways was the most common form of transportation for both cargo and passengers, with 114,677 thousand freight ton-miles and 111,350 thousand passenger-miles in 2021-2022, and 50,233 thousand freight ton-miles and 109,435 thousand passenger-miles in 2022-2023, April to June.
In 2021-2022 road transport was the second most common form of domestic public transport. Road transport recorded 135,465 thousand freight ton-miles and 31,032 thousand passenger-miles in 2021-2022 and 33,831 thousand freight ton-miles and 6,824 thousand passenger-miles in 2022-2023, April to June.
Airways are primarily a form of passenger transport, with 35,868 thousand passenger-miles in 2022-2023, April to June and 158,720 thousand passenger-miles in 2021-2022. It recorded 132 thousand freight ton-miles in 2022-2023, April to June and 231 thousand freight ton-miles in 2021-2022.
Inland water transport was one of the smallest sectors of domestic public transport with 43,383 thousand freight ton-miles and 12,581 thousand passenger-miles in 2021-2022, and 13,659 thousand freight ton-miles and 5,398 thousand passenger-miles in 2022-2023, April to June.
There were 7,687,832 registered motor vehicles in Myanmar in 2020-2021 and 7,396,326 in 2021-2022.

Domestic public transport is presented by four modes: railways, road transport, inland water transport and airways. Railways was the major transportation in the public sector with a share of 58.56% in June 2022.
Between June 2021 and June 2022, Railways transport increased by 195.8% for freight ton-miles and 609.47% for passenger-miles. Road transport increased by 0.1% for freight ton-miles and decreased by 32.6% for passenger-miles. Inland water transport increased by 12.09% for freight ton-miles and 71.93% for passenger-miles between June 2021 and June 2022. Over the same period, Airways transport increased by 550% for freight ton-miles and 90.04% for passenger-miles.

Total Registered Motor Vehicles has increased by 3% in 2020-2021 and decreased by 4% in 2021-2022, compared to the previous year.
Information on Yangon City Private Transport is provided by Yangon Region Public Transport Committee. Between June 2021 and June 2022, the transport of passengers in Yangon increased by 105% for both passenger and passenger-miles, the number of buses in operation per day increased by 11.4%, the number of trips per day increased by 25.8% and gross earnings increased by 121.8%.
Information on Mandalay City Private Transport is provided by Mandalay Region Buses Control Committee. The data are unavailable because the operation of Mandalay City buses were paused for controlling the outbreak of Covid-19 since April 2020.

Coastal trade means trading of goods by ship from one port to another in the same country.
Between May 2022 and June 2022 for coastal trade, entry increased by 7.6% for vessels and 9% for tonnage, and clearance decreased by 11.8% for vessels and 20% for tonnage.

With a view to preventing importation and spread of COVID-19, Myanmar's tourism sector is suffering a lot (as other tourism sectors around the world), standing in June 2022. The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has temporarily suspended entry of foreign nationals through international airports since March 28, 2020 except entry with valid visa, special relief flights, Border Pass (BP) and Temporary Border Pass (TBP).
On April 17th 2022, Myanmar reopened commercial flights to international visitors an resumed the e-Visa (Tourist), e-Visa (Business) and other visas.
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