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   Statistical Yearbook 2015
   Statistical Yearbook 2015 is a compendium of statistics on: Climate,Territory,Population , Health and Social Welfare, Vital Statistics, Justice and Security, Education,Households and Social Issues, Labour and Employment, National Accounts, Agriculture, Forestry,Industry and Construction,Tourism,Coastal Trade, Foreign Trade and Internationalization,Transport and Communications, Prices, Public Finance,Banking and Financial Markets. The statistics are compiled mainly from administrative records of government agencies concerned and partly from the censuses or surveys conducted in the country. With this year book,the CSO fulfils its main function of providing economic and social statistics to decidion-makers, planners, administrators, investors, researchers, international agencies and the general public.


1. Climate,Territory,Population
2. Health and Social Welfare
3. Vital Statistics
4. Justice and Security
5. Education
6. Households and Social Issues
7. Labour and Employment
8. National Accounts
9. Agriculture
10. Forestry
11. Industry and Construction
12. Tourism
13. Coastal Trade
14. Foreign Trade and Internationalization
15. Transport and Communications
16. Prices
17. Public Finance,Banking and Financial Markets.
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