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Survey Highlights
    Household Income and Expenditure Survey
    (Nation-wide Sample Survey in 2006)
Particulars Overall Urban Rural
Average Household Size 4.72 4.87 4.67
Average Monthly Family Expenditure (kyat) 97145.67 113320.51 90631.85
Per Capita Expenditure (Kyat) 20581.71 23269.10 19407.25
Note : The Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2006(HIES 2006)covered 324 townships of the 80 townships were surveyed, comprising 65 sample townships and 15 selected townships. The sampling design used was stratified three-stage random sampling design; the first-stage on townships, the second-stage on wards/village tracks and the third-stage on households. It used the interviewing method and covered 32,000 households. The survey estimates may also be subject to non-sampling errors such as deliberate under or over reporting of income and expenditure or reluctance on the part of respondents to state their true levels of income and spending.

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