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Job Anouncement Detail

Close Date : 21, Nov 2022

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT The Central Statistical Organization is Urgently Looking for National Expert for Short Term Training on Statistical Data Analysis

Job Description

1. Discuss about the Statistic Concept and functions in theoretical and practical field

2. Discuss Analytical Methodologies

3. Discuss about the analysis tools such as SPSS, Stats, R Software etc. 

4. The process of systematically applying statistical techniques and 

selecting data collection method and appropriate analysis.

Key Requirements

1. Master Degree in Statistics and Economics. (Minimum requirement)

2. English Language on Statistical Literacy both orally and in writing are required.

3. Able to discuss Statistical Data Analysis using the software package. (Example – R software, Stata)

4. Experiences of working with government departments.

The interested applicants should send the resume to not later than November 21, 2022

For further enquires: 067 3406351