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National Indicator Framework (NIF)

National Indicator Framework

Central Statistical Organization has been implementing the National Indicator Framework (NIF) with the technical assistance of UNDP. NIF includes 286 indicators for 28 MSDP strategies, in average of 10.2 indicators per strategy. In NIF, the share of SDG indicators is 41% and National Indicators is 59%. Moreover, 72% is readily measuring indicators. Among those NIF indicators, 65% is strategic level and 35% is project level indicators.

The Final Draft of MSDP – NIF

Criteria Targets Final Draft MSDP-NIF
Number of Indicators Total: 280, per strategy 10 Total: 286, per strategy: 10.2
Level (2=strategic level;
1=project level)
70% level 2; 30% Level 1 72% level 2, 28% level 1
Origin (SDG vs. national
40-50% SDG indicators 41% SDG indicators; 59%
national indicators
Cross-cutting principles All strategies reflecting 3
principles (social inclusion,
environmental sustainability,
and conflict sensitivity
Social inclusion : 25/28
Environmental: 22/28
Conflict sensitivity : 26/28